Learn Exactly How I Took A Brand New Store From 0 to $140k in 90 Days Without Buying Stock Or Drop Shipping From China

As well as generating over 77 Five Star Reviews and 3-7 Day Shipping Times

Want to see how I took a brand new store from 0 to $140k in less than 90 days...

Here you can see we took this store from 0 to $144k in a matter of weeks...

While selling from China is still a viable option right now shipping times are even slower than normal and there is huge uncertainty that parcels will even reach the United States.

Even before the Corona virus outbreak I decided to take a different approach to drop shipping. You can see her I made my first sale on this store on Dec 5th 2019 when I first started using the strategy i'm going to teach in this workshop.

I started taking advantage of Print on Demand. Not just any form of print on demand though... Personalised print on demand!

We started to see a huge improvement in customer satisfaction due to high quality products and faster shipping speeds.

What If You Owned A Store You Could Be Proud Of?

Sell High Quality Products

In this workshop we will only be providing you with suppliers of high quality products you can be proud to sell and put your name behind.

When shipping from China quality control can be hard and even when you do your research your customers can end up getting sub-par products.

This means they never come back and shop with you again and hurts your stores reputation.

In this training our priority is teaching you how to sell and find high quality products that customers absolutely love/

Products that your customers want to share on social media and leave you with great feedback.

This drives a massive amount of repeat business and word of mouth business increasing profit margins on your Shopify store.

Get 5 Star Reviews

With the products we sell we get a ton a happy customers who love our products.

They're more than happy to leave us an amazing photo review which we can then use in our future marketing.

On this one product alone we were able to get over 77 real 4&5 star reviews in a matter of weeks!

In this workshop I'll be showing you our exact process to collect reviews efficiently. I'll be breaking down the exact system we use to time review emails perfectly to capture as many as possible.

4-7 Day Avg Shipping Times

Not only will I be teaching you to sell high quality products that people love but they will get to your customers within a reasonable time frame.

On this specific store we had over 84% of orders shipped and delivered to customers within 7 days.

This makes keeping customers and getting them buy again much easier! No more 30 Day shipping times from China.

We Actually Made PROFIT

Anyone can drive a ton of sales without making any profit but that doesn't pay the bills.

Across 7 days of this campaign we made over $10,000 in profit alone!

In this live workshop I will be revealing tips and tricks I have used to massively boost my conversion rates and generate a higher average order value on your store.

This is key when it comes to driving as much profit from your facebook ads as possible.

Here you can see a snapshot of our profit and loss!

Here's What We're Going To Cover On This 4 Day Workshop

Monday 30th March

Day 1 - Product Research

When we go live on Day 1 we will be going through my top research methods for finding hot trending Print on Demand Products & Designs
Tuesday 31st March

Day 2 - Store + Hiring Designers To Create Your Products

When we go live on Day 2 we'll be talking breaking down each component needed to operated a personalised POD store as well as where to find top class designers.
Wednesday 1st April

Day 3 - Facebook Ad 
Launch & Scaling

On Day 3 we break down a $140k case study diving into my campaigns revealing how we scaled. We also cover exactly how to set up and test new products rapidly with POD.
Thursday 2nd April

Day 4 - Custom Product Systems

In personalised POD having top notch systems is extremely important. In lesson 4 I show you exactly how we set up  our workflow for a smooth fulfilment process from order to shipping.

There's Never Been A Better Time To Start An Online Business

Right now we are living in extremely uncertain times and dealing with something that hasn't been seen in any of our lifetimes...

However due to the nature of this virus we are seeing an increase in online shopping. People do not want to leave their house and some people aren't even allowed to leave the house right now.

This means that you have an opportunity to come in and help these people by providing them with products that can help them during this time.

In particular in this workshop I'm going to be teaching you how to create, sell and ship high quality personalised products to these customers.

People are stuck in their houses right now. They're bored and need some form of entertainment and something to entertain them and put a smile on their face.

The products I'm going to teach you to create are going to do that.

Not to mention right now people do not want to even touch products coming from China. Shipping rates are getting high and flights are being cancelled everywhere.

This means we will be sourcing all of our products in the good old US of A and shipping them directly to our customers.

You won't need much start up capital as we will still be drop shipping meaning we only pay for the order when the customer orders from us.

What I Won't Be Teaching In This Workshop

Right now people are making A LOT of money selling hand sanitisers and face masks by price gouging them. 

While i'm not one to judge on how you make your money as long as its above board, I don't want to teach that to my students. Now is a time to come together as not only a country but the human race.

So if you're looking to make money selling products like that right now, best of luck to you but I'm not your guy.

Here's What The Students Who Attended Previous Live Sessions Had to Say

We Actually Get Results
I don't just teach theory... We actually do this stuff day in day out...

Here's a store we are running RIGHT NOW...
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